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Engineering & Research Services

Dr. Lowry provides water treatment systems engineering services for design/build water treatment projects and is a consultant to government agencies, other engineering firms, professional societies, and to private water utilities.  He has been actively engaged in drinking water research for the past 25 years, while a professor in environment/civil engineering and as a private consultant. He was given the 1987 Rudolf Hering Medal for his research on radionuclides by the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the 1987 Outstanding Research Paper Award by the American Water Works Association.

A few example publications are:
  • Narasimhan, R., Lowry, J.D., Culley, J., and Young-Pong, N., Management of the Disposal of Radioactive Residuals in Drinking Water Treatment, AwwaRF Final Report for Project No. 2695, 2005
  • Lowry, J., Clifford, D., Ghurye, G., Karori, S., Thomson, B., and R. Narasimhan, Arsenite Oxidation by Solid-Phase Media or a UV/Sulfite Process, AwwaRF Final Report for Project No. 2734, 2004.
  • Lowry, J.D., and S. B. Lowry, Oxidation of Arsenic (III) by Aeration and Storage. EPA/600/R-01/102, NRMRL Office of Research and Development, US EPA. Cincinnati, OH, 2002.
  • Schock, M.R., Holdber, J., Lovejoy, “California’s First Aeration Plants for Corrosion Control,” JAWWA, 94:3, March, 2002.
  • J.D. Chwirka, Carlson, K., Lowry, J.D., Thompson, B., and J. Lozier, Evaluation of Three Arsenic Treatment Technologies for Albuquerque, New Mexico, proceedings of the AWWA/EPA Inorganics Contaminants Workshop, Albuquerque, NM, February 29, 2000.
  • Lowry, J.D., "Oxidation of As(III) in Natural Waters by Aeration", proceedings of the AWWA/EPA Inorganics Contaminants Workshop, Albuquerque, NM, February 28, 2000.
  • Lowry, J.D., "Radon Remediation Strategies for Drinking Water", presented at the 45th Conference on Bioassay, Analytical, and Environmental Radiochemistry, at the NIST, Gaithersburg, MD, October 18-22, 1999.
  • Lowry, J.D., "Arsenic Removal: Small System Treatment Using Ion Exchange", presented at the 1998 Annual AWWA WQTC-As Workshop, San Diego, CA, November 4, 1998.
  • Lowry, J.D., "Design-Build Treatment Facilities for Small Systems", presented at the Annual Conference of the Association of State Drinking Water Administrators (ASDWA), San Diego, CA, October 14-17, 1996.
  • Lowry,J.D. and C.T. Hess, "Radon: Physics, Sources, Analyses, and Removal", presented at the Conference on Radon and Cancer Risk in Northern New England, S. Portland, ME, March 14, 1984.
  • Lowry, J.D., "Radon in Water - Occurrence & Remediation", Proceedings of the Radium and Radon in the Environment Course, Center for Continuing Engineering Education, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, WI, May 10-11, 1989.
  • Lowry, J.D., and S.B. Lowry, "Assessment of Radiochemicals in Drinking Water", Report to the AWWA Research Foundation, AWWA Contract #234(2)-87, November, 1987.
  • Lowry, J.D., "Gamma Exposure of Homeowners to Radon Progeny in GAC Water Treatment Systems", Proceedings of the ASCE/NCEE Conference, Austin, TX, July 10-12, 1989.
  • Lowry, J.D., "Occurrence and Removal of Radon from Water Supplies", presented at the New England Water Pollution Control Association Meeting, Rockport, ME, June 5-8, 1988.
  • Lowry, J.D., "Point-Of-Entry Radon Removal", Proceedings of the Water Quality Association Annual Convention, Dallas, TX, March 11-15, 1987.
  • Lowry, J.D., "Occurrence and Treatment of Radionuclides in Water", Proceedings of the 5th National Domestic Water Quality Symposium, American Society of Agricultural Engineers, New Orleans, LA, December 11-12, 1989.
  • Lowry, J.D., "Occurrence and Treatment of Radionuclides in Drinking Water", Proceedings of the USEPA Drinking Water Treatment Technology Transfer Workshop, Kansas City, MO, February 19-20, 1992.
  • Hecht, P.M., Hiltebrand, D.J., and J.D. Lowry, "Arsenic Removal By Anionic Exchange", Proceedings of the National Conference of the American Water Works Association, San Antonio, TX, June, 1992.
  • Lowry, J.D., Lowry Engineering, Inc., Optimization of Methods for Analyzing Radionuclides in Drinking Water, AWWA Research Foundation and the American Water Works Association, 1992.
  • Lowry, J.D., "Measuring Low Radon Levels in Drinking Water Supplies", Journal of the American Water Works Association, 83, , April, 1991.
  • Lowry, J.D., and W. McDowell, "Methods For Radionuclides in Drinking Water Supplies", in Proceedings of the 1990 Annual Water Quality Technology Conference, San Diego, CA, November, 1990.
  • Lowry, J.D., et. al., "Adsorption, Retention, and Desorption of Rn and Its Progeny on GAC", in Proceedings of the Annual AWWA Conference, Cincinnati, OH, June, 1990.
  • Lowry, J.D., and S.B. Lowry, "Removal of Petroleum Hydrocarbons and MTBE from Water by a Multi-Staged POE Aeration System", in Proceedings of Focus on Groundwater Conference, National Water Well Association, Stamford, CT, September, 1988.
  • Lowry, J.D., and S.B. Lowry, "Radionuclides in Drinking Water", Journal of the American Water Works Association, 80, 7, July, 1988.
  • with Rydell, S., and B. Keene, "Granular Activated Carbon Water Treatment and Potential Radiation Hazards", Journal New England Water Works Association, December, 1989.
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  • Lowry, J.D., and J. Brandow, "Removal of Radon From Water Supplies", Point of Use, Water Quality Association Research Council, 1987.
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  • Lowry, J.D., and E. Moreau, "Removal of Extreme Levels of Uranium and Radon from a Water Supply", Proceedings of the National ASCE Conference on Environmental Engineering, Cincinnati, OH, July, 1986.
  • Lowry, J.D., and J.E. Brandow, "Removal of Radon from Water Supplies", Journal of the Environmental Engineering Div., ASCE, 111,4, pp 511, August, 1985. ASCE National Rudolf Hering Medal.
  • Lowry, J.D., "Joint Treatment Design and Operation Problems with a Fine Papermaking Wastewater", Municipal-Industrial Wastewater Treatment, March 25 - 27, 1980, Dallas, TX, Project Summary EPA-600/59-81-021, February, 1983.
  • Lowry, J.D., and C.E. Burkhead, "The Role of Adsorption in Biologically-Extended Activated Carbon Columns", Journal of the Water Pollution Control Federation, 52, 2, February, 1980
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