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Air Strippers

Air Stripping,Packed Towers, multi-staged bubble systems, Spray Nozzles, Volatile Organics

Air strippers remove volatile contaminants from water by contacting air and water to optimize transfer kinetics. Common types of air strippers include packed towers, multi-staged bubble systems, venturi eductors, and spray nozzles. Lowry Systems designs and manufactures Multi-staged DeepBubble air strippers to remove volatile organics, radon, carbon dioxide, THM's, methane, and hydrogen sulfide. They can also be used to oxidize iron, for subsequent removal by filtration.

All DeepBubble models use regenerative or centrifugal blowers, with standard or HEPA air filtration and appropriate sound attenuation. Operation is simple and effective, and systems will operate trouble-free for years. The advantage of our DeepBubble systems is accessibility and ease of maintenance, and we use no tall towers with packing and no stacked trays to dismantle for maintenance. All of our DeepBubble systems are less than 6 ft in height and are easily installed in existing or in standard buildings. In warmer climates, our systems can be installed and operated outdoors.

Hydrogen Sulfide Stripping

For the removal of hydrogen sulfide, we can selectively add carbon dioxide to our bubbles to lower pH in the first few stages to strip hydrogen sulfide, and then strip the carbon dioxide to raise pH in the final stages of treatment. In applications involving the use of RO or CMF, where carbon dioxide is added or produced by the addition of strong acids to lower pH. DeepBubble systems are ideal to strip the carbon dioxide and raise the pH.

Deep Bubbles System,

DeepBubble™ Systems

In recent years, many DeepBubble systems have been used to provide a non-chemical solution to problems with corrosion (Pb & Cu) in distribution systems. The natural carbon dioxide is air-stripped and the pH is raised. We have treated supplies containing >200 mg/L carbon dioxide and eliminated existing corrosion control chemicals. Air-stripped water quality is superior to water quality after caustic and/or phosphate addition and the operation is much easier for the operator.

Construction of all air stripper models is similar. Vessels are made with 304 or 316 (optional) stainless steel and are insulated and covered with attractive brushed stainless steel. PVC aerators are made in several different orifice sizes for efficiency and maintenance features.

DeepBubble models are offered to treat water supplies with flow rates ranging from a few gpm to over 2,000 gpm. The amount of removal is related to the A:W ratio and Lowry Systems selects the appropriate design A:W ratio based upon years of research, modeling, and field experience.

Simple gravity flow models discharge into clearwell. Complete packaged models provide direct pumping from the vessel and an integral control panel with all control logic and starters.

Air Stripper
To receive a quotation and design for a specific application, contact Lowry Systems with the following information:
HEPA Air Filtration, Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon dioxide
Air Stripper
  • Flow Rate, gpm
  • Contaminant(s) & Concentrations
  • Treated Contaminant(s) Concentrations
  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Alkalinity
  • Hardness
  • Iron
  • Manganese

Download research material.

DB-32 Cut Sheet
Deep Bubble Multi-Stage Air Stripper
Model DB-32
DB-63 Cut Sheet
Deep Bubble Multi-Stage Air Stripper
Model DB-63
DB-84 Cut Sheet
Deep Bubble Multi-Stage Air Stripper
Model DB-84
DB-86 Cut Sheet
Deep Bubble Multi-Stage Air Stripper
Model DB-86

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multi-staged bubble systems, Spray Nozzles, Volatile Organics