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Lowry Water Treatment Systems
We are engineers that create design/build systems that work. Control is maintained over the design and fabrication, and we are on the job site for installation supervision and startup training.

Air Strippers
Air strippers remove volatile contaminants from water by contacting air and water to optimize transfer kinetics. Common types of air strippers include packed towers, multi-staged bubble systems, venturi eductors, and spray nozzles. Lowry Systems designs and manufactures Multi-staged DeepBubble air strippers to remove volatile organics, radon, carbon dioxide, methane ...

Ion Exchange Systems
Lowry Systems design-builds ion exchange systems to remove a variety of contaminants from groundwater supplies, and has 20 years of experience. Contaminants include alkalinity, arsenic, iron, hardness, manganese, nitrate, radium, sulfate, and uranium, and are removed using cation, anion, or mixed-bed ion exchange resin beds.

Granular Media Filtration
Lowry Systems design-builds granular adsorption media systems to remove arsenic, chlorine, and organics/pesticides. Pressure vessels with GAC or Fe-based media, for arsenic, are designed to meet MCLs.

Consulting & Research
Download material about corrosion control and Deep Bubble Multi-stage Aeration.

Water Treatment Systems Engineering
Dr. Lowry provides the engineering services for design-and-build water treatment projects and is a consultant to government agencies, other engineering firms, professional societies, and to private water utilities.

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